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How to use the Your Working Time Application

Grant Access


By granting us access to view your Google Calendar, the application will show you the days you worked during a selected period. You will then be able to add your hourly or daily pay rate (whether variable or fixed) and see how much money you should receive for that period.

Step 1: Google Account

When using the application, you will be required to sign in to your Google Account via our website and allow us to access your Google Calendar. If you would like to save your working time to a Google Sheet, you will also be required to provide us access to your Google Drive and Sheets.

Google Signin

Step 2: Multiple Accounts - optional

If you have linked your Apple iCloud to your Google calendar or have multiple Calendars linked to your Google account, the first part is for you.

It will show you all of your available calendars, which you can select one by one or all together.

If you don't select any, it will default to your primary Google calendar.

Select Available calendars

Step 3: Entering the data

If you are paid hourly, the only two boxes you must complete are the start and end dates. However, if paid by the day, you can change the Pay By option to per day.

To narrow down the result and only show what is required, you can use the search by entering a keyword or the title of the event (job).

The currency symbol should automatically show appropriately for the country you are in whilst using the app. If you need to change this, then please use the dropdown to change it manually.

Entering the data

Step 4: Selecting your working time

All of your working time that matches the dates will be displayed, which you can select and enter the per hour/day value. Don't worry if there are different values for different days, as you can change them in the next step. Another thing to note is that if you select the event and then close it, it will not show in the result.

Calendar Events

Step 5: Result

Gross Income Calculated Result

From the image, you can now see the result. You may notice some of the Total Hours/Per Hour values are different, which you can change by selecting each value, updating it and selecting the Update Total button, which you can find on the bottom left-hand corner.

If you would like to change the order of the result by date, description, etc, you can do this by clicking on the selected header.

You will also notice you can add VAT by selecting the Add VAT button, then the blue update button!
When using this feature, always check if the amount auto-generated is correct, as it is supplied via a third party and is not guaranteed to be up-to-date.

Adding VAT

As you will see in the next section, you can save your result to a new or existing Google Sheet, but not everyone wants to!
So we have added a new feature that can help you to print out the result by selecting the green print button!

When printing, by default, it won't look like it does on screen!
If you would like all of the colours, you will need to select more settings on the printer menu, scroll to the bottom and click on the check box print backgrounds!

Step 6: Saving your result

Just below the result, you will have the option to either save to a new or existing Google Sheet.

Save to Google Sheets

If you are saving to a new Google Sheet, all you have to do is enter the name you would like the sheet to be called and select the confirm button.

Save to a new Google Sheet

Once completed, a message with the link to the Google Sheet will show, which you can find at the bottom of the walkthrough.

Step 7: Save to an existing Google Sheet

After confirming to save to an existing Google Sheet, a box will load below showing the latest sheets stored inside your Google Drive. Once found, select the sheet and the confirm button. If you can not find the sheet, select the load button to load more until found.

Existing Google Sheet

Step 8: Confirmation message and link to the Google Sheet

A confirmation message will appear with a link to access the Google Sheet.

Save Google Sheet