How do I record the time I worked in Google Calendar? @ Your Working Time

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How Do I Record My Working Time in Google Calendar?


In Google Calendar, you can keep track of all your working hours/days in one place and access it on many devices, and here is where you can find out!

Step 1 Google Account

You may already have a Google account on your smartphone(Samsung, Pixel, Huawai etc) or your browser(Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari), but if you don't, please can you create one via this link - create a Google Account

Step 2 Access Google Calendar

Access Google Calendar Via your Browser

The Google calendar app is accessiable on android phones, and in web browsers, on Google's main page on the far right-hand side, by clicking on the 9 dots and selecting Calendar.

If you don't have the Calendar app on your phone you can get it here

Step 3 Adding an Event

With the app being open, you will see a plus(+) sign in the top left or bottom right-hand corner.

Please click and select the Event in the drop-down menu.

Step 4 Creating an Event

New Event

We will break this down into three sections to help you record as much information without repeating yourself and to work best with our app.

Section 1 - Title

To make it easier when using our app, try to use a keyword in your title - warehouse overtime, warehouse weekend, it will eliminate any unrequired results when searching.

Section 2 - Set hours or day

Don't worry about setting the day(Mon-Sun) we'll cover in section 3. If paid by the day, select All day box, or set the start and end time.

Section 3 - Repeat all week

Customer Google Calendar Event

If you are not repeating the same day/hours, you can skip this section.

You will see a Does not repeat option underneath the All day box, and here is where you can repeat the same all week, Monday to Friday or every weekend; it is up to you. You can customise it to best suit your working routine.

If you are working for an x number of days, weeks, months or years, you can set the end date or even the number of appearances, and you can find this at the bottom, below the Ends sub-title.


The walkthrough has shown three steps to create an event in Google Calendar and how you can use it to keep track of your work.

Following these steps will make it easier and organised when using our app.