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How do I use Apple iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo calendar in Google Calendar?

how to connect calendar to your google account


Below, you can find a list of calendars you may want to link to your Google Account.
Outlook is the only one we have managed to synchronise, but to synchronise it, you will need an android device and the outlook app installed.
There is one more thing. The synchronisation isn't instant and can take up to 24 hours.
If you have already imported Outlook to your Google Calendar, you can skip straight to the synchronisation


1. Sign into your Outlook accout

2. Select Settings and then click View All Outlook Settings.

can view all details

3. In settings, select Calendar, then Shared Calendars

Calendar, Shares Calendars

4. Under Publish a Calendar, select Calendar in the first option, Can view all details

in the second, and click the Publish button Publish a Calendar

5. Links will appear below. Copy the ICS link.

Copy the ICS link

6. Open your Google Calendar via the link

7. On the sidebar, near the bottom of the page, under Other calendars, click the + sign, and select From URL.

Other Calendars Import

8. Paste the url into the input and click on Add Calendar.

From Url add calendar

9. You will notice a new calendar added on the sidebar, near the bottom of the page, under Other calendars. It is recommended to change the name. You can do this by clicking on the 3 vertical dots on the right of the new calendar and then settings. You also have the option to assign it a different color.

Settings for other calendars

10. Finally, enter the name you would like the calendar to be called.

Calendar Settings
When using our application, you are now able to view this calendar by selecting the Find all calendars button.

How to synchronise Outlook via an android device

1. Open the Google Calendar App
2. Select the navigation button in the top left corner
Calendar navigation
3. At the bottom of the sidebar, select Settings
Select settings
4. In Settings, select the Outlook calendar you have imported
Select Calendar
5. Finally, you will notice the sync toggle on the right. Please select to sync.
Calendar Sync

Apple iCloud

With us not having access to an iPhone, you can follow one of the walkthroughs below that will help you import your Apple calendar in to your Google Calendar


1. Open Yahoo Calendar

2. On the sidebar, under My Calendars, select the downward arrow on the right on your calendar's name and select Edit calendar

Edit Calendar

Select the toggle next to Get shareable link(most secure), right click on the To import into a Calendar app (ICS) link and select Copy link address

Edit link

4. Click on this link, and it will take you to the Outlook Google import. Just follow the same and put Yahoo if you want to as the calendar name.

Samsung Calendar

Synchronising your Samsung calendar to your Google account is quick and easy and can be done through your smartphone (android).

As Samsung has already created the walkthrough, please click on the link below.