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About the Application

About Your Working Time LTD


The income calculator can calculate your total gross earnings for a given period by reading the work you have stored on your calendar!

How does it do that?

With Google providing many free services and allowing businesses to connect, we can gather the required information with your permission!

What do I need to do?

As most of the services we supply are running through Google, you will need to have a Google Account!
If you don't have one, please visit this link: Create a Google Account

What if I use a Microsoft, Apple or Samsung calendar?

Don't worry, as we have created a How-To page explaining how you can link them to your Google Account!

How do you know how much I charge per hour/day?

We don't! That part is down to you!
We collect all of the required information for the selected period.
You then add your hourly/daily rate, and we calculate the gross income.

Can I save it?

Yes! You will have the option to print and save it to a Google Sheet where you can store all of your results.

What if I want to save it to a PDF or an Excel document?

Once you have saved it to a Google Sheet, you can convert it to multiple formats like Excel, PDF and CSV.

Can I use the result for an invoice?

Yes! And we have added an extra feature where the income calculator will add VAT for you.


Every day, we are trying to improve the application/website, and we would appreciate your feedback and any suggestions you may have that would benefit you and others.
You can do this by adding a comment on our Facebook page.

Terms of Use

With this being a free service, we can not guarantee the result will always be 100% correct, and if you're using it for a professional purpose, please have it checked by a professional.
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